We're BillFloat

We started BillFloat to help people stay within their budgets, access money when they need it, and pay their bills on time.

As an industry leading financial services technology company, we provide our customers with “more time” to meet their financial obligations, no matter what life presents them. BillFloat gives customers more time to pay their bills with over 2,500 billers. SmartLine offers customers a flexible line of credit that gives them access to cash when they need it. SmartPay, the first payment plan for smartphones, lets customers shop for higher valued products, like smartphones, and pay monthly.

BillFloat’s MoreTime2Pay (MTP)™ is a secure platform for delivering real-time purchase and payment flexibility to consumers in-store, online or by mobile phone. The platform connects lenders with service providers and retailers whose customers need, or want, more time to pay.

Our real-time decisioning system helps service providers and retail partners achieve a wide range of goals: accelerating payment and increasing revenue, reducing risk and enhancing customer acquisition, and increasing customer loyalty and future sales. All our services - BillFloat, SmartLine, and SmartPay - instantly evaluate customers to approve transactions and are easy to integrate with existing payment processes.